laurence shaw
m y  p h o t o g r a p h y

view of the lens

welcome to my photography

Photography connects with people and is about the moment at hand. My priority is to make use of today’s images in a meaningful way.

I am registered as appropriate, but am not a commercial venture. My projects have been with people I know and we have been delighted at the results. I place an emphasis on best practices, standards and communications.

When I was at school I wanted a Nikon camera, but it was too expensive. At University I learnt a bit about standing in a public space photographing new buildings and people at work.

At times I am reminded of the high risk in loss of both digital and hard copy photos. We have photographic gaps in our history. Fortunately, the State Library and National Archives address our history. Our website is now under the Pandora archive project.

Exploring photography led to me writing my first website in HTML. I was encouraged. I helped friends write a website. We laughed as I said, “Well, we’ve put a vehicle on the road. Not the best, but its on the road.”

I have been fortunate with photography to look at distinct differences between art – i.e. paintings, and landscape photography. My websites show the two styles. But coupled with this have been the technical aspects of hosting.

Photography is an art form. People really appreciate it. I love the joy people express in having “beautiful” images on their website. Photography is not just about websites. It present opportunity to help my friends, to enable them not to be ripped off by other services, to support their activities and develop ongoing relationships.

Laurence Shaw